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New Thomas Gunn Miniatures just in (December 20, 20120

December 28, 2012

ATW007A 101st Airborne BAR Gunner 33.00
ATW007B 82nd Airborne BAR Gunner 33.00
ATW009A Shush--82nd Airborne trooper and a pair of young French girls 64.00
ATW009B Shush!--101st Airborne trooper and two young French girls 64.00
GC012A Rommel (WWI), Kneeling Firing Pistol 32.00
GC012B Rommel with Gas Mask (WWI), Kneeling Firing Pistol 32.00
GW005 Stokes Mortar Set, France (WWI) 75.00
GW006 Australian Officer, France (WWI) 32.00
LOA005A Stokes Ghurkha Mortar Set (WWI) 75.00
LOA005B Stokes British Mortar Set, Palestine (WWI) 75.00
LOA006A British Officer, Palestine--(WWI) 32.00
LOA006B Australian Officer (Light Horse Regiment), Palestine (WWI) 32.00
NAP022A Imperial Guard Marching--Blue Coats--two figures 64.00
NAP022B French Line Infantry Marching--Grey Coats--two figures 64.00
NAP022C French Line Infantry Marching--Brown Coats--2 figures 64.00