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  • Image for Hobby Bunker Covert Intelligence - 10 August

    Hobby Bunker Covert Intelligence - 10 August

    August 10, 2022

    Happy Mid-August! The heat has finally lifted but the humidity has set in. We will be setting up at FanExpo in Boston this weekend(Friday, Saturday and Sunday). We have yanked a good pile of games, models and toys out of the shop for the weekend. We did leave plenty behind and have lots of new stock arriving on Thursday and Friday. The Shop will be open regular hours all weekend. This Saturday and Sunday is a Tax Holiday in Massachusetts. You will save the 6.25% sales tax on all purchases. Above is a new the full release of Indian cavalry by John Jenkins Designs. These are from 1803 and they are fighting against the Duke of Wellington. View them here. JJD

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    NETSS Toy Soldier, Toy, Model Kit, Military Book Show and Sale

    August 5, 2022

    Sunday October 9th, 2022 NETSS Toy Soldier, Toy, Model Kit, Military Book Show and Sale Come join us Sunday the 9th of October for the North East Toy Soldier Society's Toy Soldier Show, at Crowne Plaza, 15 Middlesex Canal Park, Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. 9:00AM to 3PM.

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    Early August News here at the Bunker

    August 3, 2022

    Greetings. It has been a hot dry summer this summer so far. It seems to be a good idea and stay home and work on our hobbies. I have been doing a bit of gaming and painting as of late. Last week our main drain backed up in our little basement. We had to get a new pipe put in underground. It was a bit of a dust storm with the jack hammering but we are all cleaned up and back to normal again. Below we had added quit a few new toy soldiers due this month and some store stuff as well. Thursday Gaming....stop by and join the big group of Magic Players. We also usually have some table top games going. We had 4 people playing A Song of Ice and Fire last week and expect a few more. We would like to see our Games Workshop "Kill Team" players make a comeback on Thursdays. Anyone interested????

  • Image for July 16th updates

    July 16th updates

    July 16, 2022

    Happy Saturday. I am just doing a quick follow up from our Wednesday email with some new products and information. Metal toy soldiers update on Team Miniatures. They announced 6 beautiful new mounted Indians due in May. They then said they were restructuring there factory and they would be available in July. Now sadly they have postponed them to September. This is sad news. Not sure what the issue is. There seems to be a slow down with some of the other makers as well. Hopefully this trend will not continue. The new King and Country July releases and our restock is finally shipping this week. We also have the John Jenkins July releases on the way. Pictured above is an upcoming releases from John Jenkins. Click on the link below to view this and more. The New Magic the Gathering "Double Masters" is in stock and we have a restock of many popular games arriving this week. The New Games Workshop contrast paint is in stock and selling fast! We also have sorted and priced 100's of vintage 1990's Magic Singles! Stop by and browse.

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    Mid-July News

    July 13, 2022

    Good evening everyone. Sorry I have been out of touch. I had a great trip overseas and returned to work for a day only to test positive for Covid! The London Show was pretty dead due to the rail strikes. But I made it up for it in sightseeing. I drove from London all the way to the Land's End in Cornwall and back. We are having a bit of a drought and and a heat wave up here at the moment but we are keeping the shop nice and cool. We are still open 7 days a week and shipping Monday-Friday. We have just entered into the future of hobbies. We now have a couple of 3-D printers going. We are running some 15mm tanks and a few fantasy figures as samples. I hope to start producing some terrain and 1/32 Scale plastic vehicles. One of them is running right on the front counter area. The New Magic the Gathering "Double Masters" is in stock and we have a restock of mnay popular games arriving this week. We also just got some cool "samples" from a Company called "Old School Dice." I like what I see so look for these in the future. We got some paint restocks in last week and expect more in this Friday. We also expect to have the new colors of paint from Games Workshop shortly.