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  • March #2 - The latest News from the Bunker!

    March 9, 2023

    Hello. Just a few quick notes this week. I am shooting to send out 2-3 emails a week with less content but I never seem to find the time. So you will have to scroll through this one for now! We will be running the Chicago Toy Soldier Show this September! It will now be called the "Chicagoland Toy Soldier Show!" We hope to see you there. We will be sending out more information soon. We have lots of new models and hobby supplies arriving tomorrow. Albert was out sick Monday so we won't be getting our regular game shipment in tomorrow. We will get our Games Workshop shipment in though. Above is The 3rd NJ Regiment from First Legion Ltd. They are available now: NEW JERSEY

  • March News #1 - New Products and Wes Coaster

    March 2, 2023

    Hello. After a long week I am getting caught up in the office. Last week we were quit busy in CA and at the shop. 2 days before the trip my son broke his wrist and we spent the night in the Children's Hospital. I got home at 7:30AM and then the next day has up at 4AM for the flight. After a delay in Boston we finally arrived at 2PM in LA. Joe and I decided to head South and check out the USS Iowa. On the way back we missed our Red Eye connector and spent 13 hours in the Detroit airport! If I missed a few emails I apologize. Today in the shop we received about 20 cartons from UPS. We have a good restock of Tamiya, Vallejo, Mr. Hobby/Gunze, tools, models and more! 6 of the cartons were from Alliance our big game distributor. We are yet to open all of them but will have it all out by tomorrow. Tomorrow we are hosting "A Song of Ice and Fire" tournament. If there is an odd amount I will even roll some dice! We are expecting some snow tomorrow so who knows what the turnout will be.

  • Mid-February News!

    February 20, 2023

    Hello. We hope you all enjoyed the Holiday Day. We were quit busy in the shop today. Just a few quick notes as I prepare to head out the California this week. I run the show in Garden Grove. More details below. A couple weeks ago there was sad news that the Chicago Toy Soldier Show got canceled. The good news is the show will continue and we are taking it on! More news to follow next week. Below we are still taking pre-orders for the new King and Country Tiger Tank and the 3 versions of the John Jenkins Hanomags. We have recently got in a pile of Flames of War and terrain by Gale Force 9. The Vallejo Xpress paints were well received and we have more on the way.

  • Early February News

    February 3, 2023

    TGIF! It is a cold one here in Wakefield tonight. We just got some cool new stuff and announcements we wanted to share with you. Have a great weekend. Above is the new Strickly Limited Tiger Tank from King and Country. This is their 20th version of the Tiger I tank!

  • End of January news....

    January 31, 2023

    Greetings, We are wrapping up the month with lots of new goodies. The Britains Deetail American Civil War painted plastic artillery sets have arrived and we have started to ship them. We are emailing everyone who pre-ordered now! We are getting the usual restocks of hobby supplies, models and games in this week.We just picked up a bunch of stuff from collections and are sorting them out. We will have lots of odds and ends priced and in the store by the weekend. Right now we are also trying to put together some after school gaming geared towards kids and high school age. We hope to be running Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons my the end of February. Above is the new paint version of the W.Britains German 88mm gun and crew from W.Britains. It just arrived! LINK: 88mm

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