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December 28, 2012

John Jenkins Designs - January 2013 Releases
ACE-15P Udet and Lola--Knights of the Skies--two figures 79.00
ACE-17 Albatros DIII, Blaue Maus Jasta 2, March 1917--single 1:30th scale biplane 235.00
ACE-17P Ltn. Hard Luck Hermann Frommherz--single figure 37.00
ACWM-01 U.S. Marines 1861-1865, The American Civil War--2 figures standing 64.00
ACWM-01N Union Marine Corps, The American Civil War, 1884-1885--4 figures standing 116.00
BAL-08A Pack Horse #3, The Battle on the Monongahela, 1755--2 pieces 48.00
BAL-08B Pack Horse #4, The Battle on the Monongahela, 1755--2 pieces 48.00
BCHLIMB-05 British Corps of Artillery Drivers, The Battle of Chippawa, 5th July 1814--single figure 32.00
JJCLUB2013A Private Jenkins, British, 35th Regiment of Foot--single figure 42.00
JJCLUB2013B Captain John Jenkins, British 95th Rifles, 2nd Battalion--single figure 42.00
JJCLUB2013C Captain William Stanley Jenkins, KNIGHTS OF THE SKIES--single figure 40.00
LEUT-10 Leuthen Churchyard Gateway, The Battle of Leuthen (3 pieces) 138.00
PSG-05 Two Monks Loading and Firing, THE PENINSULAR WAR--two figures 78.00
SRN-07 Wounded Sailor and Helper, British Naval Brigade, THE FIRST SUDAN WAR 1884-1885--two figures 78.00
SRNGUN-02 5 Barrelled Gardner Gun, The First Sudan War, 1884-1885 45.00