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Early November News!

November 3, 2023

Hobby Bunker Covert Intelligence

November Updates.


Welcome to November. I think I ate a pounds worth of candy last night!

We have been filing the store up with goodies and gearing up for the Holidays. Last week we got about 100 Gundam kits and a pile of Armor kits, cars and supplies.

We just restocked the Games Workshop paint and got some general restocks on 40K.


Below we have an announcement from Thomas Gunn and tomorrow the new King and Country will be announced. Tomorrow I will be picking up a small K&C retired collection. I have also added some more 21st Century and Forces of Valor to the website.


King and Country Retired - LINK: K&C


W.Britains Retired LINK: RETIRED


Conte Collectibles LINK: Conte

Thomas Gunn Collections LINK: GUNN


We have a few pre-orders below as well as some new product information.




Please see below for the latest product info and store news.






Shatterpoint Saturday November 4th - Noon-3PM


Shatterpoint Saturday November 11th - Noon-3PM


Bolt Action Day -Saturday November 4th - Starts 10AM


TEST OF Honour - Demo day - Saturday November 4th






at present I do not have a show scheduled. The hotel has really jacked up their price and that location is no longer viable. I will seek out a new more affordable show or combine it with another.



Long Island Historical Miniatures Show

November 17 and 18

Friday 6PM-9PM, Saturday 9AM-3PM

Freeport Rec Center, 130 Merrick Rd Freeport, NY


December 2nd - Virginia Toy Soldier Show


VFD - 7128Columbia Pike Road Annandale, VA


West Coast Toy Soldier Show

As of right now I have yet to find an affordable venue. I am looking at March 3 or 10th, 2024. I already had to say no to about a dozen places due to high costs. If you know a place under $6000 with 5000-6000 square feet let me know! LA to Irvine area.



Our Store location.....

103 Albion Street Wakefield, MA 01880  


Store Hours:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 12-6PM, Thur. 12-8PM, Friday 10AM-7PM, Saturday 10-6PM and Sunday 12-5PM. Other times by appointment. Mail order will operate as normal. If these times do not work call 781 321-8855 to schedule an appointment.


Alternative parking

26 Albion St - rear This is big lot - 'the Daily Item"


21 Albion St, this is a lot behind Boardwalk Real Estate and is a vacant bank lot


You will find updates on

or questions at



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Last week we received a pile of Gundam kits!


We also got some cool 1/35 scale and 1/16 scale armour kits from Das Werks, Andy's Hobby HQ and more!

Warhammer 40K

NEW SPACE MARINES finally arrived.


And on Tuesday we received a restock with lots of much needed paint!




1/30 Scale Vehicles and Toy Soldiers


We are taking orders for the all new Item Number: AX027

Camouflage Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma Armored Vehicle




1/30 Scale Vehicles and Toy Soldiers


We are taking orders for the all new

Item Number: AX030

German Railway Covered G10 Wagon



Thomas Gunn Miniatures November releases just announced.




Including The Iberian with Red Shield--single famous movie Roman General figure!

New versions of the British Matilda II Tank.

The Queen of the Desert!


4 versions available!


Plus a new "grey" version of the universal 'Krupp" truck.



Yup...Gunn is at it again..several new "ladies" will be releases. Lots of new poses too.

Hey Ladies!


3D Prints by Hobby Bunker

Norman Castle ruins coming soon!


LINK: 3D Prints

The John Jenkins Designs

Sd.Kfz. 251/7 Pionierpanzerwagen

is now in stock!


LINK: 251







German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G (Sd.Kfz. 142/1)

Initial Production 

Sturmgeschütze Abteilung Grossdeutschland

Third Battle of Kharkov, February-March 1943.


                                                             SKU: GA-22


Now taking PRE-ORDERS                     

A brief History....While the Third Battle of Kharkov will forever be associated with the

SS-Panzerkorps (composed of the 1. SS-Panzergrenadier Division Liebstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, 2. SS-Panzergrenadier Division Das Reich, and 3. SS-Panzergrenadier Division Totenkopf), the critical contributions of Grossdeutschland 

are often overlooked. However, without Grossdeutschland, 

Manstein's brilliant victory would not have been possible. Furthermore, the assault guns of Sturmgeschütze Abteilung Grossdeutschland 

(StuG.Abt. GD), commanded by Knight's Cross holder Hauptmann Peter Frantz,  played a crucial role in the division's success.

New Plastics just arrived!


BMC Toys

Timmee Toy

and Classic Toy Soldiers run under the BMC Brand!


100's of bags now ready to ship!

American Civil War, World War II -Germans, Italians, Americans and Japanese! Plus vehicles and accessories





Albert was busy running a Battletech game at our local libraries kids comic con.


Our friend Lucas was in house as well. He was running a paint and take for kids. We got a pile of minis and paints from Reaper Miniatures for the event.