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WWII Russian Soldiers on Parade Set--Four Figures--RETIRED--LAST TWO!!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: SOV014B

WWII Russian Soldiers on Parade Set -- Four Figures

The Moscow victory parade of 1945 held on June 24th 1945; just over a month after the defeat of Nazi Germany.  The parade consisted of 40,000 Russian soldiers, 1850 military vehicles and other military hardware.  Marshal Zukhov led the parade on a white stallion whilst Stalin watched from a podium after reputedly falling from his horse at an earlier parade practice. One of the most famous moments at the end of the troops parade took place when various soldiers carried the banners of Nazi Germany and threw them down next to the National Mausoleum.

To this day it remains the largest military parade ever held in Russia.

Released August 2019.