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Woodland Debris

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Hudson & Allen Studio

Item Number: HA9993

Woodland Debris


Hudson & Allen Studio’s “WOODLAND DEBRIS” is a mixture of various natural and synthetic materials, which can be used to model the dead leaves and forest detritus found on forest floors. Modeling realistic ground cover for woodlands or other leaf-covered areas has always been a difficult prospect. This product evolved from experience as museum exhibit builders has been refined over a period of years. It is now available to you to use anywhere you wish to simulate realistic ground cover in a woodland setting. WOODLAND DEBRIS comes ready to use and requires no painting or dying. WOODLAND DEBRIS can be used loose to cover bases of figures or it can be permanently affixed to your scenic base. To permanently fix in place simply apply a small amount of white glue to the area of your model where you wish to place the debris. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle the WOODLAND DEBRIS over the glue and allow to dry. It may be necessary to spray more diluted glue over the debris to anchor loose particles. You may wish to arrange the debris so the larger leaf-like particles are at the top. When completely dry, you may wish to seal the WOODLAND DEBRIS with a flat, clear sealer.

WOODLAND DEBRIS looks great at the base of trees and other wooded areas, but use your imagination to find other uses.

Each package includes plenty of modeling tips to help with all your compositions.

Released September 2019