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Winter German Panzer III L--2nd Panzer Div "Das Reich"

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First Legion, Ltd.

Item Number: KHA008

Winter German Panzer III L--2nd Panzer Div "Das Reich"

We are pleased to present you our first vehicle for our new Battle of Kharkov series, KHA008 German Panzer III L from Waffen SS Panzer Division "Das Reich".  

During the Battle of Kharkog, the Panzer III L German tank, serving with the 24th Division Das Reich, emerged as a formidable force on the Eastern Front.  Renowned for its agility and firepower, the Panzer III L played a crucial role in the intense urban warfare characteristic of the battle.  With its sleek design and potent 50mm main gun, it maneuvered through the war-torn streets, engaging enemy positions with precision and tenacity.  Despite the harsh conditions and relentless resistance, the Panzer III L and its crew exemplified the unwavering resolve of the German forces during the last decisive victory by the Germans on the Easteern Front
The model is made from a mixed media (resin, metal, plastic, brass,  photo etch, etc...) and has the following features:
Opening & Closing Commanders Hatch
- Fully Rotating Turret
- Gun Barrel Raises and Lowers
- Antenna Raised/Lowered
- Optional AAMG Display
- Extremely realistic weathering and superb sculpting and painting   

The Third Battle of Kharkov took place in March 1943 during World War II and marked a pivotal moment on the Eastern Front.  Initiated by the Soviet Union's Red Army in a bid to recapture the strategically significant city of Kharkov from German occupation, the battle unfolded amidst the harsh Ukrainian winter.  Despite initial Soviet advances, the Germans launched a fierce counteroffensive, catching the Soviets off guard and inflicting heavy casualties.  With some of the fiercest house to house fighting of the war, the Germans eventually cleared the city in the middle of March 1943.   
The 3rd Battle of Kharkov was the last major victory by the Germans on the Eastern Front.   

This series is entirely brand new for First Legion in 2024 and will be covered in depth!  

60mm Hand Produced Vehicles for collectors from the World War II product range.

First Legion Toy Soldiers are hand painted collectibles that contain various resins and metals including lead as well as small parts, and are, therefore, not suitable for children under the age of 14.   Further, as each figure is hand painted, slight variations may exist between the figure shown in the photo and the actual figure received. 

Due to be released in JULY 2024.