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Winston Churchill, Sudan, 1898--single figure

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W. Britain

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Winston Churchill, Sudan, 1898

In 1896, Churchill was determined to get a transfer to be a part of the war in Sudan.  Many serving officers wanted experience of battle to further their careers, as did Churchill--but not his army career, his one as a man of letters.  He had already written one book of war on the North West Frontier and needed a follow-up.  His new posting confirmed, he also obtained a commission to write accounts of the war for the Morning Post, at £15 per article.  His subsequent book, The River War, detailed the cause of war, the death of General Gordon in the siege at Khartoum, and his participation in the Battle of Omdurman.  After the battle, his unit was ordered to return to other duties, and Churchill’s personal experience of the war ended.

Released AUGUST 2023.