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Vickers Machine Gunner--single Korean War Australian Digger figure

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King & Country

Item Number: KT005

Kokoda Diggers Fight Back

King & Country’s initial release of figures illustrating this hard-fought campaign in the steep, mountainous jungle of Papua New Guinea focused on Australian soldiers moving along the infamous ‘Kokoda Trail’ in the middle of 1942.  At this time Japan’s newly-won empire extended in depth across vast tracts of China, the Pacific, and South East Asia.  After crippling the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, capturing Hong Kong, Malaya, Singapore, and the Dutch East Indies the Japanese were now poised to strike at Australia itself.  The island of New Guinea was the perfect staging post for their next major offensive and it was here that the Australians decided that the enemy would be halted and then thrown back… The fight was on

Here are the first of our five fightingDiggers’…

Vickers Machine Gunner

The Vickers Machine Gun or ‘Vickers Gun’ was the name given to the British, water-cooled, .303 heavy machine gun used by British and Empire armies in two World Wars and countless other conflicts from its introduction in 1912 until its retirement in 1968… more than 56 years on ‘active service’, a record virtually unmatched by any other British infantry weapon.  This gun had a reputation for great solidity and reliability and was based on the highly successful Maxim machine gun of the late 19th Century.  These sterling qualities endeared the Vickers to every Australian soldier who ever fired it.

Our ‘Digger’ sits perched on a sandbag behind his gun complete with ammunition boxes and ready to open fire on the enemy.

Released in NOVEMBER 2022.