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V1 The Fiesler Reichenberg with 2 Guards--RETIRED. ONE AVAILABLE!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures Collection (EC)

Item Number: V004

Thomas Gunn Miniatures:

A piloted version of the V1--The Fiesler Reichenberg!  A late war development of the unmanned Doodlebug, the Reichenberg was intended to be a more accurate guided missile, with the pilot ejecting to safety just as he cut the engines and aimed the missile at its intended target!  The chances of survival were deemed so slim that the project and unit was disbanded one year after its formation, before any operational sorties were carried out. 

V004 is a brand new version of TGM's Reichenberg, this one comes with a new colour scheme and markings plus the 2 Normandy guards from V003.

Limited Edition of 100. Stock is very limited

WHOO1, our SdKfz 252 tractor unit, makes an ideal companion piece to this set, towing our Reichenberg across the airfield at Peenemunde in the closing months of WWII.  We still have a few tractors left here so don't forget to order one whilst they are still available!