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U.S. Marine in Fatigue Uniform, 1839--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 13070

U.S. Marine in Fatigue Uniform, 1839

The Marines adopted this fatigue uniform prior to the Mexican War, because of its simplicity and comfort.  The enlisted waist jacket is a plain sky blue wool, unlined with narrow cut sleeves, closed with nine small Waterbury Marine pattern buttons down the front.  The jacket had two shoulder epaulettes fastened with small buttons, a stand up collar, two exterior pockets, and functional cuffs that were closed with one small cuff button per sleeve.  This jacket was worn by the Marines at Harpers Ferry and was almost identical to the U.S. Army fatigue jacket of the period but without any trim.  The 1839 forage cap, or “wheel hat,” in dark blue wool with a black leather visor, saw service from late 1839 up to the mid 1840s.

Released in JULY 2023.