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U.S. Infantry in Raincoat Standing with M1 on Hip, 1943-45--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 25237

U.S. Infantry in Raincoat Standing with M1 on Hip, 1943-45

This GI is dressed in the typical combat uniform of 1943-45.  Staying warm and dry was always one of the highest priorities of an infantryman during World War II, so this soldier wears one of the dismounted raincoats originally introduced in 1938 over his field jacket.  The M1938 raincoat was originally made of cotton canvas with a rubberized coating.  By 1942, synthetic resin coatings started to replaced the rubber on all styles of raincoats so rubber could be used elsewhere.  The cutting and assembly of the raincoat was fairly complex, so by July of 1942, the Army started to issue ponchos as a cheaper alternative, but the raincoat seemed to be the preferred wet weather garment in the ETO.

Released in OCTOBER 2023.