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U.S. Armored Infantryman Reaching for Clip, 1943-45--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 25198

U.S. Armored Infantryman Reaching for Clip, 1943-45

During World War II, an American armored division was supported by a very mobile offensive and defensive force in the form of its three armored infantry battalions, supported by M2 and M3 half-tracks.  The advantage of the widespread usage of half-tracks in armored infantry battalions came from the fact that the infantry aboard could carry far more equipment into battle than standard infantry.  This included heavy weapons with ample ammunition, anti-tank weapons, and radios.  Because these infantry battalions were so mobile, American commanders often relied on them to be sent into combat generally more often than a standard infantry formation, resulting in some of the highest casualty rates of any combat groups.

Released in APRIL 2023.