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Type 1 Ho-Ni I (dark green Japanese army paint scheme)--SPG and screw figure - LAST ONE!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: RS035B

Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Type 1 Ho-Ni I (dark green Japanese army paint scheme)

The Type 1 Ho-Ni I was the first self-propelled gun design (SPG) of this type employed by the Japanese army.  The design was developed using an existing Type 97 tank chassis and replacing the current revolving turret with a 75mm Type 90 Field Gun mounted on a cut out chassis.  The gun mounting gave ten degrees of traverse and -5 to +25 degrees of elevation.  It could also traverse 20 degrees to either side, meaning the vehicle did not have to be turned to engage targets.  The Type 1 Ho-Ni I carried 54 rounds of ammunition, but had no defensive machine gun, which made it vulnerable to close combat assault by enemy infantry.

This SPG comes with a single crew figure.

The B version comes painted in a dark green Japanese army paint scheme.

Limited Edition of 100.