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The Sampan Soldiers Set--three seated Viet Cong figures

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Item Number: VN149

The Sampan Soldiers Set

During the Vietnam Conflict, the Viet Cong made ample use of the huge Mekong Delta of canals and waterways to move men, supplies, and weaponry all over the southwest region of Vietnam.  Although heavily patrolled by U.S. Navy and South Vietnamese ‘brown-water’ naval units, the Delta offered an abundance of hiding places and ambush opportunities for the wily V.C. while they moved stealthily around the area using all kinds of small watercraft.

This little set comprises three V.C. kneeling, sitting, and crouching together with their weapons.  As they have no cumbersome bases, they can easily fit onto our Sampan or any other small boat or even… on dry land.

Due to be released in SEPTEMBER 2022.