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The Pharaoh’s New Sedan Chair Set--five figures and sedan chair

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Item Number: AE099

The Pharaoh’s New Sedan Chair Set

When we first introduced our ‘Ancient Egypt’ series, one of the first and most successful group sets was ‘Pharaoh’s Sedan Chair’.  Now long retired, we had many requests to reintroduce it and so we had another look at the original and decided to make a few important changes and improvements.

A brand-new sculpt of a seated Pharaoh sits atop his Sedan Chair which is being carried by a team of four Nubian slaves.  Nubians were highly-prized by their Egyptian masters and were noted for their strength and endurance.  Thousands of them were in Royal service and, although still slaves, were provided with extra rations and fairly good, for the period, living conditions.

Released in APRIL 2023.