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The Life Guards Drum Horse HECTOR--single mounted figure

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King & Country

Item Number: CE072

The Life Guards Drum Horse HECTOR

It is often said that no country produces military spectacles as good or as colourful as Great Britain.

Among the finest and most spectacular of all the centuries–old regiments that take part in ceremonial duties in the nation’s capital are the men and horses of the Queen’s own ‘Household Cavalry’.  The Household Cavalry is actually made up of two mounted regiments:  'The Blues & Royals’ and ‘The Life Guards’.

As part of King & Country’s Life Guards collection we are proud to present the first of two magnificent drum horses…

Although the vast majority of the Life Guards mounts are midnight black in colour, the exceptions are the horses of regimental trumpeters and drum horses.  While Trumpeters are normally mounted on a white horse, the Drum Horse is the most powerful horse in the regiment.  Each animal carries 300 pounds of equipment in the form of two steel kettle drums and, of course, the drummer himself.  The Drum Horses traditionally have been ‘Clydesdale’ crosses and are specially bred for their ceremonial parades.  Carefully selected by the Household Cavalry’s own ‘Riding Master’, each chosen Drum Horse must have a good temperament and stand at least 16.3 hands high, be strong, and obviously fit.  It takes some 18 months to fully train a Drum Horse and there is always another Drum Horse in training as a potential replacement.  This first Life Guards Drum Horse has been ‘christened’ “HECTOR”.

Released in OCTOBER 2021.