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The Kokoda Rifle Section--three Korean War Australian Digger figures

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King & Country

Item Number: KT009

Kokoda Diggers Fight Back

King & Country’s initial release of figures illustrating this hard-fought campaign in the steep, mountainous jungle of Papua New Guinea focused on Australian soldiers moving along the infamous ‘Kokoda Trail’ in the middle of 1942.  At this time Japan’s newly-won empire extended in depth across vast tracts of China, the Pacific, and South East Asia.  After crippling the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, capturing Hong Kong, Malaya, Singapore, and the Dutch East Indies the Japanese were now poised to strike at Australia itself.  The island of New Guinea was the perfect staging post for their next major offensive and it was here that the Australians decided that the enemy would be halted and then thrown back… The fight was on

Here are the first of our five fightingDiggers’…

"The Kokoda Rifle Section"

A three-man section, all of them armed with the classic Lee-Enfield Rifle, commonly known as the .303 SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield).  This bolt action, magazine-fed rifle served the British and Commonwealth Forces from 1903 up until 1957 in several different variants.  The best known of all the Lee Enfield rifles was the SMLE Mk.Ⅲ introduced in 1907 and fitted with the18” long 1907 Pattern Sword Bayonet.  Although superceded in the British Army by the introduction of the Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk. 1 rifle, Australia chose to retain their vintage SMLE Mk.Ⅲ’s until well after the Korean War.

Here K&C’s three ‘Diggers’ have adopted various shooting poses as they prepare to take on the advancing Japanese.

Due to be released in NOVEMBER 2022.