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The Honourable Celia Molestrangler--single figure with parasol

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King & Country

Item Number: AE097

The discovery of the young pharaoh’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922 brought many visitors and spectators to the site from far and wide and included some notable characters among them…

The Honourable Celia Molestrangler

Another of the spectators observing the events surrounding the discovery of the Pharaoh’s tomb was this young and pretty Englishwoman, the Hon. Celia Molestrangler, the younger daughter of Viscount Nemesis Counterblast, one of Lord Carnarvon’s closest friends.  This pretty young member of the Jazz Age’s ‘Bright Young Things’ shields her fair looks and features from the fierce Egyptian sun under a pretty, purple parasol as she observes the events unfolding.

Released in MARCH 2023.