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"The Bride of Frankenstein!"--single female monster figure (1935)

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Item Number: HS002

"The Bride of Frankenstein!"--single female monster figure (1935)

The Bride of Frankenstein was a 1935 American horror film and a sequel to the 1931 movie ‘Frankenstein’.  As with the first film, it starred Boris Karloff as the monster, but this time around, Dr. Frankenstein decided to produce a female partner to keep the monster company.  The result of the Doctor’s efforts was this strikingly original looking ‘Bride’, played by the English actress, Elsa Lanchester, complete with a conical hairdo with lightning-trace streaks on each side.

Our K&C figure shows her wearing a simple, but stylish long white dress and fully-bandaged arms and legs--the result of numerous surgeries to help put her together.  To say the ‘Bride’ is ‘different‘ would be a slight understatement.

Released in OCTOBER 2023.