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"Slogging Along", Two U.S. Infantrymen Marching, 1943-45--two figures, one with two ammo boxes

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W. Britain

Item Number: 25272

"Slogging Along", Two U.S. Infantrymen Marching, 1943-45

Mud crunchers, ground pounders, doughs, Joes, grunts.  Whatever you call ’em, they are the backbone of the military.  Throughout time and with a few exceptions, the infantry has been the largest component of any army.  They are the primary force for taking and holding ground, and, even with modern tactics and equipment introduced during the War, their chief mode of transportation was still on foot.  Under favorable conditions (paved roads in good weather), a soldier was expected to make 15-20 miles in a continuous eight hour march.  A forced march, more than eight hours covering 35+ miles might be called for, but would wear out an infantry force fast.  Still, if it had to be done, “theirs not to reason why...”

Released in FEBRUARY 2024.