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Sherman M4 'Tonto'--tank with three crew

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Item Number: DD382(SE)

Sherman M4 'Tonto'

This particular M4 was one of several Shermans utilized by Capt. Bill Dwight, the assistant S3 and liaison officer of the 37th Tank Battalion of the 4th Armoured Division.  Like almost all of the tanks in this battalion, it had a painted image on both sides of the hull depicting The Lone Ranger's sidekick 'TONTO' from the popular radio show of that time.
After D.Day, the 4th also landed on Utah Beach, but earlier on 11 July 1944 and went into action on the 17th of the same month capturing the French city of Nantes on 12th August.
Later in the year, during The Battle of The Bulge, the 4th Armored Division, as part of General Patton's Third Army, attacked the Germans at Bastogne and relieved the besieged city.
Among the most famous members of the 4th Armored Division during WWII was Creighton Abrams, who commanded the 37th Tank Btn. and would later command all U.S. Forces in South Vietnam from 1968-1972.

Returning to this M4 Sherman 'TONTO', each model comes with three Crew figures, a backpack of supplies, and is a 'Special Edition' of 300 pieces plus a numbered certificate and a full colour, presentation box.

Just 300 pieces of DD382(SE) 'Tonto' are available.

Due to be released in Mid to Late JUNE/JULY 2024.