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Shako II: Rules and Army Lists for Napoleonic Wargaming

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Wargames Rules

Item Number: SHAKOII

Shako II:  Rules and Army Lists for Napoleonic Wargaming

By Arty Conliffe
Developed by Chris Leach and Dave Waxtel

Fight famous Napoleonic battles in miniature using infantry battlions and cavalry regiments.  Fast-play and tactically accurate game mechanics let you command the famous divisions of the Napoleonic Wars in battles of any size.

- Improved rules
- Army lists for pick-up games or tournament play
- A command system that emphasizes player generalship
- Armies look and maneuver as they did historically
- All major tactical doctrines represented
- Efficient game mechanics
- Numerous diagrams and illustrations to support the text
- Battles concluded in a single evening
- Playable with any basing system and all figure scales