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Second Rank Legionnaire Advancing with Pilum Lowered, Wearing Scale Armor (9th Legion Black Shield with silver shield boss)--single figure--RETIRED--LAST ONE!!
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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: ROM043C2

Second Rank Legionnaire Advancing with Pilum Lowered, Wearing Scale Armor (9th Legion Black Shield with silver shield boss)

When a Cohort advanced into battle, the front rank lowered their Pilum, the second rank did the same, and the third rank shouldered their Pilum.  The second rank were trained to advance with their pilum protruding to the right so that should the enemy attack them, the second rank could also engage at the same time as the front rank.  Although the popular image of the Legion is one of uniformity, there were several forms of armour protection employed, including chain mail, Segmenta, and scale armour.  

Our legionnaire wears beautifully detailed scale armour and is painted to an extremely high standard.

The C version comes with the 9th Legion black Shield and a silver shield boss.

The 9th Hispana Legion were based in mainland Europe before moving to Britain following the Roman invasion in AD 43.  Sometime after 108 AD, the legion disappeared from Roman records with some speculation that they were wiped out in Northern Britain.  The 9th found fame in the novel 'Eagle of the Ninth', published in 1954, in which the Legion marched into Scotland "never to be heard of again."

Please note:  Because this figure's Pilum is skewered more to the right than ROM001, he is only suitable for the second rank in a marching formation.  This way his Pilum sits nicely along side ROM001's Pilum at the front, ready to engage any enemy that dare to take on the might of Rome!

Limited Edition.

Released in September 2018.