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"Saxon Village" Backdrop

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W. Britain

Item Number: 51085

51085 - Saxon Village

During the early Anglo-Saxon period, small villages were mostly made up of timber buildings, some in a style known as “pit houses” or “sunken houses” as half of the structure was built below ground level. Rough-hewn stones were used to construct many of the Dark Ages churches. A simple design featuring a tall nave and rectangular chamber, it would have had no windows and been illuminated only by torchlight.  

Each beautiful WBritain Mini Backdrop is printed in full-color on heavy card stock. The 8.5x5.5" backdrop comes with a separate, fold-out easel. You may choose whether or not to attach it to the back depending on your space and needs.

The WBritain watermark logo shown on the above image will not appear on your backdrop.