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Royal Navy Landing Party (War of 1812)--makes 9 poses (1 officer and 8 infantrymen)

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Expeditionary Force

Item Number: 54CND06

Royal Navy Landing Party (War of 1812)--makes 9 poses (1 officer and 8 infantrymen)

The set contains 9 model soldiers comprising of 1 officer and 8 armed sailors. The heads and arms are interchangeable to enable the assembly of different postures. There will be a pirate set following that will have compatible loose parts for even greater variety of assembled figures.

Our reference period for the design of this set is the War of 1812. These models should also be appropriate for Naval landing battles for the entire Napoleonic period.There are two common uniforms for seamen in onshore service. One is the jacket, in blue, thus the epithet “Blue Jackets” for naval brigade soldiers. The other is the loose shirt tucked-in usually on fatigue duties.The main weapons for land service is the musket, with the cartridge pouch on a shoulder belt, and the cutlass. The blunderbuss is especially favoured in the Navy for boarding actions.The queue was retained in the Navy for a much longer period than in the Army, which abolished it in 1808.Two styles of hat are observed, the flat brimmed hat and the narrow brim top hat. To better preserve the hats and to water-proof them, they are often painted with tar, thus the nickname “Jack Tar” for a sailor. The cutlass & pistol of a fighting sailor and a gentleman Naval officer, Hornblower-like.


Released APRlL 2023