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Danish Royal Life Guards Standard Bearer--single figure

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Item Number: MRDG006

Royal Life Guards Standard Bearer

This marching Non Commissioned Officer carries the Regimental Banner with the Danish Queen’s cypher in the centre.

"Denmark’s Royal Life Guards"

Anyone lucky enough to visit Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen will usually visit the Amalienborg Palace right in the heart of that beautiful city.  It is both a home to the Danish Royal Family and a museum of the Danish monarchy.

One of the unforgettable sights of such a visit is to see the “Changing of The Guard”, which takes place on most days throughout the year.  Each noon the ‘new’ guard leave their barracks at nearby Rosenborg Castle and march through Copenhagen’s streets to Amalienborg where they replace the ‘old’ guard which has been on duty for the previous 24 hours. 

What makes this changeover ceremony so colourful is that these Danish Royal Life Guards have two dress uniforms…  Their ceremonial ‘Red’ tunics are only worn on grand State occasions, while their parade ‘Blue’ tunics are much more commonly seen on daily guard duty outside the palace.

Other notable aspects of the Guard’s unique appearance are their tall, black bearskins which date back to 1805 and their short infantry sabers carried by all ranks which came from similar weapons captured from the Prussians during their First Schleswig War of 1848 – 1851.

In addition to their ceremonial duties, all of these soldiers belong to a modern mechanized infantry unit that saw action in more recent years in Afghanistan.

Released in MAY 2023.