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Royal Hong Kong Police British Officer--single figure

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Item Number: HKY015

Royal Hong Kong Police British Officer

As some of you guys know it was the RHKP that originally brought me to Hong Kong back in 1977 as a trainee ‘Police Inspector’.

At that time and up until the handover to China the standard ‘summer uniform’ was this very smart, lightweight, pale olive green, tropical, 4 pocket field jacket with matching trousers.

Until the early 1970s, shorts were worn with this ‘summer’ uniform however by the time I joined in 1977 they had been replaced by standard long trousers in the same lightweight material.

As can be seen in our figure the ‘summer’ uniform was worn with a black ‘Sam Browne’ belt and holstered revolver.

In addition all officers wore a black whistle lanyard over the left shoulder and a black peak service cap along with black shoes.

Special Note: Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s the strength of the RHKP was approx. 28,000 officers and men including some 1200 expatriate (mostly British but also some Aussies, Kiwis and the occasional Canadian and even South African) commissioned officers.

Released in MARCH 2024.