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Roman Wine Bar (Popina)--ONE IN STOCK.

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Item Number: BLD011

Roman Wine Bar (Popina)

Our first facade depicts a Roman Wine Bar or popina. A popina was a small, informal establishment akin to a modern-day tavern or pub. These humble establishments catered to the common people, offering simple fare such as wine, bread, and light meals. Popinae were often found in urban areas, providing a gathering place where locals could socialize, relax, and enjoy refreshments after a long day's work. Additionally, popinae served as hubs for informal discussions, gossip, and even political discourse, making them vital centers of community life in ancient Rome.

In a popina, food was typically served in a straightforward and informal manner. Customers would either stand or sit on simple benches while enjoying their meals and drinks. The food offerings in a popina were often limited and uncomplicated, consisting of items like bread, olives, cheese, and occasionally simple cooked dishes.

Customers would place their orders directly with the proprietor or a server, who would then prepare the food behind a counter or in a small kitchen area. Food might be served on basic pottery or wooden dishes, with utensils such as spoons or knives provided as needed.

H: 230mm W: 150mm D: 80mm

Note: as these buildings are fully hand-painted and finished, differences in detailing have to be expected. It is impossible to make these items identical.

Models by King & Country not included, used by kind permission of K & C