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Roman Repelling Cavalry--two Legionnaires with Pilum (19th Legion green shield)--two figures on single base -- ONE IN STOCK!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: ROM160C

Roman Repelling Cavalry--two Legionnaires with Pilum (19th Legion green shield)

The Roman legion’s tactics when repelling cavalry followed this formation: The first rank would form a firm wall with their shields, only their pila protruding, forming a vicious line of glistening spearheads ahead of the wall of shields.  A horse, however well trained, could hardly be brought to break through such a barrier.  The second rank of the infantry would then use its spears or swords to drive off any attackers whose horses came to a halt.  This formation would no doubt prove very effective, particularly against ill-disciplined enemy cavalry.  It was at that moment that horse and rider would be at their most vulnerable against the ranks behind the first line of infantry.  Given the short distance and the training legionaries received, it is likely such halted cavalry, frantically trying to turn their horses around to retreat, whilst colliding with horses following in the charge, would prove very easy targets.  Especially if the Romans also had archers or sling shot carriers.  This tactic of a spiked front was successful and can be compared with the British Infantry Squares which repelled French Cavalry during the Napoleonic Wars and even further forward in history to the 1880s and the attempt to relieve Khartoum.

The 19th Legion was decimated in the 9th Century along with two other Legions in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

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We have not limited the amount of these sets being made and will make more if the demand is there.  So, in short, although they are not limited, we won't keep making them unless people keep buying them, just in case some people thought they were going to be around forever and then missed out.

Released in AUGUST 2023.