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Raiding Party Leader--single Roman Legionnaire figure with 30th Legion black shield--RETIRED--LAST TWO!!
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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: ROM088B

ROM083, ROM085 and ROM087 'The Engineers' comprises three figures in different poses hard at work. Will look great in a camp scene or perhaps constructing a fort or defences? All three figures are available separately and each figure comes with two Pilum propping up his shield. Each engineer comes in the normal shield variations, the A with red shield, the B with 30th Legion and the C with the 9th black shield. ROM088 the leader of the group looks ahead waiting for the right moment to proceed. This figure as with all the others in this group comes in the normal 3 variants, the A version with red shield, 30th Legion with black shield and 9th Legion also with black shield.

Limited to 100 of each version.