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Queen Cleopatra’s Sedan Chair Set--five figures and sedan chair

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King & Country

Item Number: AE101

Queen Cleopatra’s Sedan Chair Set

When we first introduced our ‘Ancient Egypt’ series, one of the first and most successful group sets was ‘Pharaoh’s Sedan Chair’.  Now long retired, we had many requests to reintroduce it and so we had another look at the original and decided to make a few important changes and improvements.

While working on the first set, it seemed logical to offer another set complete with a different ruler in this case the original ‘Temptress of The Nile’, Cleopatra.  This is the third rendition of this Egyptian Queen by King & Country and portrays the lady in a typically regal pose perched on her Sedan Chair, which is, again, being carried by four Nubian slaves.  Both sets provide colourful centerpieces for any Ancient Egyptian display.

Released in APRIL 2023.