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Psiloi (Magna Graecia)--Archers & Slingers--nine figures (1 officer, 4 archers, and 4 slingers)

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Expeditionary Force

Item Number: 60GRK01-G

Psiloi (Magna Graecia) – Archers & Slingers

The box-set contains 9 model soldiers comprising of:  1 officer, 4 archers and 4 slingers.  Psiloi are skirmishers primarily armed to engage in missile combat.  They are unarmored and needed to be light-weight for greater mobility.  The Officer wears the crested helmet as a mark of status.  By the time of the Peloponnesian War, the Corinthian helmet has evolved into the Chalcidian helmet.


This set is meant to replace our previous set 60 GRK 01 R which has been out of stock for many months.  60GRK01R will no longer be produced.  The models in that set can still be purchased in our white plastic series 60 GRK 01 W.

In our previous set 60 GRK 01 R, the models are based on the Cretan Archer and Rhodian slinger. They are the most famous Psiloi of Classical Greece. The Cretan is armed with sword and shield in addition to their main weapon, the bow. They are thus capable of shock combat. The Rhodian is depicted as wearing the Petasos sun hat and with a slung bag for the slingshots. As well-paid soldiers, they would have armed themselves with a sword or kopis for self-defence.

For our new set (THIS ONE!), we decided to expand our scope to cover the troops of Syracuse.  Thus, the addition of Magna Graecia in the box-set title.  Magna Graecia means Greater Greece, and covers the Greek colonies in the Western Mediterranean, especially southern Italy and Sicily.  Syracuse was a major war participant in the Peloponnesian War.  Its army includes the famous Balearic slingers.  Balearic slingers are depicted as bareheaded and carry their slingshots in a cloth-bandolier.

We have also expanded the arm options for the weapons for greater variety of action poses.


Released in MAY 2024.