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Praetorian Marching with right hand on sword hilt (Silver Leaf Design)--single figure -- LAST FOUR!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: ROM175B

Praetorian Marching with right hand on sword hilt (Silver Leaf Design)

The Fighting Praetorians

The Praetorian Guard has been vilified and lorded by historians, one thing is right, they were a hotbed of political repression and intrigue.  It is difficult to think of a modern analogy. Possibly Saddam's Republican Guard, NKVD and we often hear WWII German SS.  They certainly had the same basic role, the leader’s personal army, rather than the army of the state.
The name ‘Praetorian’ dates back to the Republican period, and was used to refer to the troops who provided immediate protection for the commanding general who was usually a praetor.  Admittedly, consuls were the supreme military commanders, with a praetor or pro-praetor who had the rank to command an independent force in the field.  The Republican Armies Praetorians were usually 'picked men', regarded as reliable and paid more than ordinary troops, but, as far we know, they weren't trained or equipped any differently than other legionaries.  They were essentially similar to the 'household troops' which accompanied later kings onto the battlefield.

How often the Praetorian Guard saw action is also a hotly contested discussion.   However, in the Year of the Four Emperors, AD69, they fought at the Battle of Bedriacum for Otho.  Under Domitian and Trajan, the guard took part in wars from Dacia to Mesopotamia, while with Marcus Aurelius, years were spent on the Danubian frontier during the Marcomannic Wars.
Limited to 50 worldwide.

Due to be released in JUNE 2024.