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Playset Magazine #117--June/July/August 2021--RETIRED--LAST ONE!!

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Playset Magazine

Item Number: PM117


And many other playset delights!

Every now and then along comes a special issue destined to be referenced and discussed for years to come. We think the Marx Western Ranch issue qualifies as one. The Western Ranch was Marx’s very first set, made even before the Service Station. Its charming figure selection has never before been figured out in a true and definitive way, and there are a lot of playsets out there with incorrect contents too. These and other mysteries were delved into by a “brain trust” of collectors. For instance:

• What was in the “Super Ranch” Marx was planning? • What was that mysterious Tool Shed?
• Where did the “Bear” go?
• What is the relationship between the grimacing, threatening Gunfighter and the pretty Cowgirl that will affect every single set out there?

IT’S ON THE RANCH IN DETAIL You’ll finally see the never-before shown Marx tin litho Chow House intended for these sets, Plus delve into the secret formula of:

• why the Bucking Bronco and the Running Wild Stallion never did meet on the same ranch,
• which Ranch only had 15 fence
• what ranch only got a half set of accessories
• why is there a yellow box and a Red & Black box
• which came first
• Were there really Ranches with TWO CABINS? (emphatically, Yes!)

It’s all in this issue! So much more detail you’ll really use in a lengthy, definitive article.
• Oh, and did we mention the Mystery of the Sawbuck, one of the most intriguing of all Marx accessories, and those lariats? All solved this issue.

Now you can truly complete and put those Ranches into shape! Don’t know how you could go on without it!


The Marx Cattle Drive is a set that shares some interesting parallels with the Western Ranch, and is at the opposite end of the time spectrum. We thought this little beaut, by Francis Turner, would make a great “side dish” to our Marxian Smorgasbord! Here’s a Western Town, tons of Marx steer, cowboys, miners and Trappers set and more which we’ve never before explored. Here’s our chance and we took it, cramming it I to an already full issue!


But as we said, this is a very special issue so there’s much more Summer reading. The perfect companion story is another Marx favorite that never quite got its due, was never fully explained, bnut that’s all over as we bring you the “Marx 60mm Army” story. Learn all about these stalwart defenders from Roger Garfield’s definitive examination of the olive drab wonders from the early days of Marx. What about those “Parachute” guys, where do they fit in? And why did Sears say 60mm guys were perfect for Training Center sets? It’s here.

Also this issue are an awesome array of additional fun and exciting delights;

• Color Rifleman Ranch ad from an obscure department store
• report on some great recent finds
• Photo parody of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
• Report on the recent Lafayette Show
• News from around the world of plastic

This is an issue worth waiting for and keeping.

In the meantime, we hope you are staying and keeping others safe; and enjoying your time here on planet earth. We miss seeing you all in person but I am sure that will be corrected soon.

Till then we say, Great Hunting!