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Playset Magazine #113--September/October 2020--RETIRED--LAST ELEVEN!!

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Playset Magazine

Item Number: PM113

Playset Magazine #113 September/October 2020

Welcome to issue 113 of Playset Magazine!

It's September and back to school time as we begin to enjoy the onset of Fall, cool weather, and bike rides through the city. This issue, take a walk with little Ricky, Linda Jane, and Judy to school through Marx main street play sets of the early and mid-Fifties. Stroll with the kids as they visit the Pet Shop then catch up with little Ricky as his sister's visit the charming and colorful world of the Marx Babyland Nursery. Then watch as they excitedly race to another day at school to beat the bell! Here you'll see teachers in action as they run the educational film and then enjoy all the colorful tin litho of Marx at its mid-century finest—with beautiful mint condition sets provided by Francis Turner, Rick Eber. Examine school-time time tin litho in greater detail, depth and color than ever before, and see the accessories that are so unique collectors crave “back to school’ time with Marx.

Experience Back to School as we examine some other makers’ school sets too including one from Germany, the Marx School Bus and others.

There's lots more this issue. But first, a quick word of hope that you and your family are safe during the national pandemic. They told us it was over at one point but the problem is this: Covid 19 is an absolutely new breed of critter. The one thing that has remained true is the very advantage folks in our fraternity of plastic share -- that staying indoors, wearing a mask, and being sensible about interactions with others especially in groups will keep you, and those you love, safe. At least statistically so. Being a part of the collecting community is an awesome way to just hang out examining the many splendors of Marx and enjoying the comfort of friends over the phone Internet and email.


Having said that, there is a toy show this coming weekend in Lafayette Indiana. It is one of the two this entire year that we have heard of, and both put on by our friends at the Midwest toy soldier group. We have heard no reports of contagions from the last show, just so you know. Room trading starts on the 5th and 6th, show on September 7th (that’s like, this coming weekend). But if you go and we hope you do wear a mask keep your social distancing in mind and have fun. Directions and info at:


Also coming up, the Chicago Toy Soldier Show has something new up its sleeve – a live event at the end of this month, with the potential for showing lots of toys soldiers and possibly playsets (depending on which vendors signup) – That one is still being developed but in a phone call yesterday, Roger and Jan of the CTSS said it is completely free to participate, and it promises some real Fall Fun for collectors. Keep in touch at their website, as news of the event came too late for publication in PM. Visit CTSS at

And you can drop in on our website any time to see back issues, hours and hours of playset videos, and a selection of the finest playset-related books to be found anywhere in the world including Marx Civil War (every set is examined with mint box contents lists), Marx Fort Apache (same) Marx Battlegrounds, and our newest release, Barzso Playsets Official and Authorized. Plus a complete book on the Marx Alamo (with a big chapter on other maker Alamo toys), and more.

So, there’s lots of fun afoot, but stay safe, stay in touch, and happy school year!