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Playset Magazine #112--July/August 2020--RETIRED--LAST EIGHT!!

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Playset Magazine

Item Number: PM112

Playset Magazine #111 May/June 2020

The long ignored plastic boats of summer finally have their day in the sun, blown by cooling breezes through the memories of childhood right into your living room as Playset Magazines Issue 112 sets sail!

Our feature covers not the giant battery-operated ships normally found under the Christmas tree – like Mighty Matilda and the Deluxe Reading delights… Here we have something a bit less common and more exotic for you.

Enjoy some all-time favorites and new discoveries as these fine collectibles are presented with full details and glorious color: The fabled Polar Queen Arctic Explorer, a beautiful ship for both land and water plying the polar seas to examine the wildlife. You’ll enjoy wing-flapping Penguins, a giant blue (or red) whale, and all the details and other accessories that make this a notable species from 1957.

Next, see powerful and, at the time very inexpensive examples of PT Boats of plastic and tin, mint in their boxes. How will you react when you see the seldom viewed and incredibly detailed Argo Aircraft Carrier, assembled from its brick of a box one metal plate at a time. Be intrigued with it’s never before presented mint aircraft and elevators to the main deck.

Venture backward in time to ship out with the Ideal U.S. Destroyer, fully on display, with all its accessories intact in a mint box declaring its origins in the Academy Award-Winning® Cain Mutiny motion picture… then try to resist the powerful Ideal Anzio Invader from Ideal, with self-propelled Tank killer and force of GIs deploying down the drop-down loading ramp. It’s presented by experienced and advanced crewmen David Schafer, Tom Glassic, and rock mystic Andrew Reed.

Besides being a playset collector Andrew has just exploded onto the rock scene with his new tune, “Strangers”. This 80-s era sound hit #16 on the Billboard top 40 charts (you know how important that is to the music world, right?) and even topped some impressive chart-towering notables as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. We’re incredibly happy for Andrew and rightly proud of him – he’s now being compared to The Grateful Dead by music reviewers! Here, on PM pages, he presents his Argo Aircraft Carrier.

There’s more! Paul Stadinger presents an exquisite new Custer figure for your interest, Mike Poko shows what happens When Robots Attack! And there’s news about toy shows, a short piece on how collectors are beating the pandemic and even more!.

Then there’s news, the reader classifieds, and a host of great new ads to build your collection from while the pandemic has us shut-in. And relating to that, I’ll add that it seems too soon to quite “open up” our state; the recent protests seem to have spread the virus again temporarily.
Therefore, soldier on!  And thank you for reading Playset Magazine!