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"Panzerknacker", German Grenadier Waiting with Panzerfaust, 1944-45--single crounching figure and pile of bricks

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W. Britain

Item Number: 25157

"Panzerknacker", German Grenadier Waiting with Panzerfaust, 1944-45

Panzerknacker was the popular nickname for German soldiers awarded the Tank Destruction Badge during World War II.  The award was given to individuals who had single-handedly destroyed an enemy tank or armored combat vehicle using a handheld explosive device such as a Panzerfaust.  It was established on 9 March 1942, but could be awarded retroactively for actions dating back to 22 June 1941 (the start of Operation Barbarossa).  A gold class that recognized the single-handed destruction of five tanks--after the fifth kill, all four silver badges won would be replaced by a single gold version.  One noted recipient of the award was Günther Viezenz, who destroyed 21 enemy tanks.

Released in FEBRUARY 2024.