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Panzer IV with serial number 524 and Commander looking right -- TWO LEFT!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: ACCPACK082B

Panzer IV with serial number 524 and Commander looking right.

The Panzer IV
WWII was not always about the flashy big cats, continually breaking down and always hogging the glory.  The Germans, during WWII, had their work horses and one of the main variants was the Panzer IV. 
The Panzer IV was the most produced German WWII tank and the second-most numerous German fully tracked armoured fighting vehicle of the War, with 8,553 Panzer IVs [all versions] manufactured, only surpassed by the StuG III, with 10,086 built.  The Panzer IV was also the most exported tank of the period, with over 300 being sold to Finland, Czechoslovakia, and Spain.  Seeing action with the Syrian army long after their larger counterparts were out of service, Panzer IVs served the Syrian Army in the 1967 Arab Israeli conflict.

You have the opportunity to collect three versions from the German WWII Panzer Lehr Regiment, which fought on the Eastern and Western fronts, playing a pivotal role in the Normandy battles.  All our new Panzer IVs have Zimmerit, which was a paste-like covering, used on mid- and late-war German tanks and armoured fighting vehicles in WWII, creating a hard layer covering the metal armour, giving enough separation that anti-tank magnetic mines attached would not stick to the vehicle.

All our Panzer IVs have different commanders and the side skirts are individual.  There are many different ways to display your Panzer IVs, with full skirts, no skirts, or with missing skirt side pieces.

A big thank you to Steve McMenamin for his help and research.

Limited to 50 worldwide.

Due to be released in JUNE 2024.