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Panzer III M--(decals supplied unattached) comes with commander--RETIRED--LAST TWO!!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: ACCPACK078A4

Panzer III M--(decals supplied unattached) comes with commander

The Panzer III was used in every theatre during WWII and although replaced by its bigger stablemate the Panzer IV, some units still utilised the Panzer III in Normandy and they were even found fighting during the final battle for Berlin in 1945.  The final two versions had side skirts fitted, the M variant having a 50mm cannon, whilst the N variant had a short barrel 75mm cannon fitted.

This version of our Panzer III M is in a two-tone colour scheme. 

ACCPACK078A4 version with no decals applied but various spares supplied as per the pictures.

As you can see from the pictures, each panzer has a different commander and removable side skirts.

Just 40 available worldwide.

Released in JUNE 2021.