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Nottingham Castle/Medieval Watchtower & Base (foam)--AWAITING RESTOCK.

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Nottingham Castle/Medieval Watchtower & Base (foam)

We are excited to introduce a new foam piece to the growing collection from LOD.

Typically located outside of the Castle, the medieval watchtower provides a lookout that allows for inhabitants of the Castle, Manor, or Abbey to be safe.

The Watchtower includes a removable turret and conical top that fits on either the tower or the turret.

The base is a large piece on its own able to hold the Watchtower as well as multiple figures fighting for control of the formidable tower.

The Watchtower is 16” in height with a diameter of 6”.  The conical top is 4” in height bringing the tower to 20” in total.

The base is 25” by 13.5” by 8” with two large flat areas, one to house the tower and the other free to hold whatever the vignette calls for.

This piece uses components of the Barzso Nottingham Castle so it will match well with the other medieval foam pieces in the LOD catalog.

NOTE:  Figures are not included.