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Mussolini--24 figures in 8 poses

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Waterloo 1815

Item Number: AP060


Date Released:  2012
Contents:  24 figures in 8 poses
Material:  Plastic (Medium Consistency)
Color:  black
Average Height:  21 mm (= 1.51m)

As part of their short series of sets on momentous political/military events of the 20th century, Atlantic made a set representing Mussolini and the March of Rome.  The mould for this set seems to have long gone, so Waterloo 1815 completely remade the set from scratch, and this is the result.  All the poses are the same, and, indeed, you would be hard-pressed to see any difference between the original figures and these new sculpts.  There are differences--slightly different stances, and the new figures are a little less skinny--but to all intents and purposes, this is a rebirth of the old set.  These new figures are made in the same type of plastic as the originals, and in the original black colour. In an ideal world we would have preferred a new interpretation of the subject, particularly as the original was not without its faults in our view, but this does bring a very rare and well-liked original set of figures back to life, which is always nice to see.