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Mrs. Simmons, A Woman of Fashion, 1800-15--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 35016

Mrs. Simmons, A Woman of Fashion, 1800-15

The early Regency/Federal periods are known for their graceful dresses that emulate the clothing seen on Greek and Roman statues.  These empire-waisted dresses with all their simplicity of design were the perfect place to highlight fine fabrics with embroidery and decorative fancywork.  Mrs. Simmons’ dress has row upon row of ruching (gathering) on the bodice of her dress drawing the viewer’s eyes up to her face & fine silk cap which is elegantly shaded by her silk parasol.  A parasol not only shaded the carrier but also showed of hours of hand embroidery, each stitch carefully placed in colorful silk to recreate a bounty of flowers growing in a silken garden!

Released in JANUARY 2023.