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Mr. Simmons, A Gentleman of Fashion, 1800-15--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 35014

Mr. Simmons, A Gentleman of Fashion, 1800-15

Mr. Simmons embodies the true spirit of the leading dictator of the Regency/Federal style of men’s fashion:  Beau Brummel.  Brummel led the charge in bringing men’s fashion to embrace the idea of quality of cloth and cut over color and ostentatiousness.  Gone are the peacock colors and fanciful embroidered suits of the 18th century, replaced by the elegance of a well-cut tailcoat in the finest fabric of serious color.  Neckwear is now an expertly starched cravat (men’s neckwear) tied to perfection rather than the lace and extravagance of yore.  His gloves are of the finest leather and his boots in the very fashionable Hessian style, adorned with golden tassels.

Due to be released in JANUARY 2023.