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Mk IV Tadpole--WWI Tank with Rear Mortar--Awaiting Restock.

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Item Number: EM5005

Mk IV Tadpole--WWI Tank with Rear Mortar

The Germans dug wider trenches to thwart the new British Mk IV "Male" and "Female" tanks (EMHAR kits EM5001 & EM5002).  In 1917, trial modifications to improve trench crossing ability began.  The "Tadpole Tail" extended the rear of the tank about nine (9) feet.

Angle iron cross-braces were fixed between the "tails" to improve rigidity.  On one experimental version, these provided support for a steel plate on which a forward-facing Stokes Mortar was placed.

Many "Tadpoles" were planned.  Initial conversion trials were carried out in England and tail assemblies were sent to France.  Problems with the conversion were not overcome by the end of the war and Tadpoles were not used in action.  No markings are known (hence no decals are included in the kit).  "Tadpoles" did not have de-ditching rails and the exhaust was shortened.

Length (Approx): 35'-5" (10.8 m)
Overall Width:  13'-6" (4.11 m)
Height:  8'-2" (2.49 m)
Engine:  Daimler 6 cylinder
Max Speed:  3.7 mph (approx. 6 kph)
Fuel Tank:  70 gal (318 litres)
Armament:  2 x 6 pounder guns and 3 machine guns (Kit contains Lewis machine guns).

1:72nd scale plastic model tank