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Roman Legionnaire (9th Legion black shield) with Bucket--single figure--RETIRED--LAST THREE!!
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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: ROM083C

ROM083, ROM085 and ROM087 'The Engineers' comprises three figures in different poses hard at work. Will look great in a camp scene or perhaps constructing a fort or defences? All three figures are available separately and each figure comes with two Pilum propping up his shield. Each engineer comes in the normal shield variations, the A with red shield, the B with 30th Legion and the C with the 9th black shield. ROM083 comprises a Legionnaire bent down shovelling soil into his bucket. ROM085 features a legionnaire taking a 'breather' whilst resting his foot on his pick axe ROM087 our last legionnaire wipes his brow with a cloth, its hot work being an engineer! Note the helmet strapped to his belt which makes a nice touch.

Limited to 100 of each version.