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Large Missile Frigate, 15 inch Long with Marines, Pilots, Missles and Helicopters!--RETIRED.

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Item Number: MPC-NAVY2


Includes Ship and accessories. Approx 15 inches long

  • 6x Missles, 1x Mast, 1x Antenna, 1x Paper Flag
  • 1x MXR-AFP-B (25pcs Air Force Personnel, Blue)
  • 1x PL-1016GY (2 LCVPs, Gray)
  • 2x MPC Helocopters
  • 20x Officers and Crew, Blue/White

Grey HP Hull (hull is not smooth, has some mold flaws), Parts SP

This is an odd-scaled item, Made to use with various scales (1/72 to 1/32)

this is a re-issue...we have very limited quantities.