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Kneeling SS Private in Winter Camo Firing an MP40--single kneeling figure -- LAST TWO!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: SS143C

Kneeling SS Private in Winter Camo Firing an MP40

For collectors who are fans of winter figures, SS143C, a kneeling SS soldier in winter camo, gloves to help against the cold with his left eye closed as he aims his trusty MP40. 

The MP40 is probably one of the most iconic weapons of WWII, this soldier is keeling ready for action.  This figure works excellent with our previous release in this range and with no base the figure can be used on vehicles or in a building.  The figure has his ammo pouch for a quick magazine change, because, unlike the MP40 Clint Eastwood used in 'Where Eagles Dare', his magazine was not everlasting.

Limited Availability.

Released in AUGUST 2023.