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Italian Grenadiers of the Guard Grenadier Marching--single figure

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Item Number: NA460

Italian Grenadiers of the Guard Grenadier Marching

In 1804, when Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed himself ‘Emperor’ of the French Empire, the Italian Republic was similarly transformed, becoming the ‘Kingdom of Italy’ with Napoleon as its monarch.  For some time, Italy had been a client state of France with its capital in Milan.  This ‘new’ kingdom now ruled over most of northern Italy.  Its army was organized along French military lines and included regular line infantry, light infantry, dragoons, and light horse.  It soon grew to add on chasseurs, elite mounted gendarmes, and… Royal Grenadiers of the Guard.

Many of the regiments wore green coats instead of French ‘blue’, however, their general style and cut was copied from the French military fashion of the period.

Musket and bayonet held on the right side of the body, this Grenadier marches forward.

Released in OCTOBER 2020.