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"Infantry Biting The Cartridge", 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment--single figure

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Item Number: CW134

"Infantry Biting The Cartridge", 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

During the American Civil War, the most commonly used cartridge for muzzle loading weapons was the ‘paper cartridge’.  A paper cartridge contained a pre-measured amount of powder with the metal ball in a sealed unit often coated with beeswax, lard or tallow.
The standard procedure for loading a musket or rifled musket involved the following:
1. Hold the musket level, place at half cock and open the flash pan.
2. Bite open the paper cartridge, pour a small quantity of powder into the pan and close it.
3. Hold the musket vertically and pour the remaining powder down the barrel.
4. Ram the ball and remaining paper down the barrel with the ramrod.
The paper, typically a thick, sturdy type, keeps the bullet centred in the bore and the weapon is now ready to fire.

The 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment was made up solely of volunteers who participated in almost every major battle in the Eastern United States, including the ‘Seven Days Battle’… AntietamFredericksburgGettysburgPetersburg and, eventually, all the way to Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House on 9 April 1865.

Another notable feature of the Regiment were its unique uniforms worn in the first two years of the war.  These were in the style, cut, and colours of typical French ‘Foot Chasseurs’ and had, in fact, been purchased in bulk from a military uniform contractor in Europe and then transported across the Atlantic.  These, in turn, were adapted, and, in some cases, copied to suit operational requirements on active service.

One of the 83rd’s most famous engagements was as one of the four regiments alongside the 20th Maine, 44th New York, and 16th Michigan defending the hillock known as Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863.  During this fierce struggle, the Regiment’s own Commanding Officer, Colonel Strong Vincent was mortally wounded.

As a side note, several years before in 2008, King & Country released its first batch of 83rd Pennsylvania soldiers in a broad range of defensive poses.  This time, we are going on the counter offensive as, over a few months, we are releasing almost TWO DOZEN brand-new fighting Union ‘Pennsylvanians’ taking the battle to the enemy.

Released in MARCH 2022.